Quality Management System WEGO

This paper aims to state a reminding with some basic topics we must have in mind to lead our daily actions, in order to follow the Quality Management System of WEGO Systems.


In a general way, we need to have in mind in relation with clients while stating strategies and policies of quality management:

  •  They are the most important people for any institution;
  • In the open market we operate, they do not depend on us. We depend on them;
  • They do not mean and stop of our job. The clients are the purpose of our job. They are an important part of our job;
  • They make us a favor coming to meet us. We do not do any favor on meeting them;
  • They are not statistic number. They are human beings like all of us. The decisions are made by humans (yet);
  • They do not always know what they need, but they always need something. It is our duty to prepare to guide them;
  • They do not desire to pay more to obtain a good service. Quality must not be an optional item, but an intrinsic characteristic of our product or service;
  • Inspecting is a burden of focused processes and not a client burden. They do not desire paying more for this;
  • It is not their concern if our demand is incompatible with our capacity. Our faults must not penalize the clients;
  • They do not own us loyalty. The loyalty of a client must be acquired and maintained. Know that they can leave us if we are not competitive in the market;

The dissatisfaction price:

  • Only 4% of dissatisfaction clients complain about it;
  • For each received complain, there are other 26 dissatisfied clients;
  • From the dissatisfied clients who do not complain, 65% to 90% would never return to buy on that company;
  • The cost of getting a new client is, at least 5 times bigger then maintaining the old client;
  • For instance, to invest on solving the complaints of customers show excellent results:
    • 82% of the clients who complain but had their problem solved would come back to buy on this company.
    • Great information can be obtained about the company problems, besides the tips for launching new products or services.

 Source: Technical Assistance Research Programs Inc. Washington D.C., EUA.

Services Quality:

Speaking of direct client attending, it is required to comprehend that quality is based on human resources, involving a complex relationship chain. On this case, it means to say that one involved part of the noticed quality is related to the person who provides de attending.

Workers who are representing the company and are in contact with clients must be well trained. These collaborators must accomplish competence, responsibility and politeness. They shall have the required knowledge to be discussed with clients and also have in mind the goals and guidelines of the company, in order to identify the most suitable strategy while obtaining new customers.

The company must provide a permanent support to these workers who work contact with clients outside the firm’s facilities. In the competitive market our company is inserted, the acquisition of new clients will not be achieved while not following these essential characteristics:

  •  Efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Consistency and perseverance;
  • Receptivity and acessibility;
  • Reliability;
  • Safety;
  • Competence and Capacity;
  • Satisfaction;
  • Price and feasibility;
  • Courtesy, care e understanding.

In a way that is easy to point some factors out which positively affect the way clients see the quality on provided services:

  • Courteous and polite treatment;
  • Understanding what customers need;
  • Demonstrating interest in the client’s problem;
  • Clarification about how things work (procedures);
  • Receptivity to questions;
  • Attention to complaints to solve dissatisfactions;
  • Acceptance of responsibility for personal or company mistakes;

It humanly impossible for a collaborator to accomplish all of these guidelines in 100% of the services provided, on the other hand it is extremely important that we dedicate ourselves to achieve high levels of applying the guidelines mentioned.

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